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The Firm

The law firm of M. Stephen Roberts, A Professional Law Corporation serves the Baton Rouge community and the surrounding parishes.

Retaining a lawyer is often an extremely stressful event. Steve Roberts understands that it is often during the worst of times that the advice and services of a lawyer are required. To that end, Steve Roberts is very experienced in helping people through these troubling situations and will take the time to explain your case to you, make certain that you understand the law, and then help you make decisions about what you would prefer to do with your case.

Despite today's fast paced legal environment, Steve Roberts makes every effort to take the time to explain legal issues clearly to the client so that the client can make informed decisions about how the client wants to proceed with the case. Furthermore, it seems that many lawyers have forgotten that they work for their client, and not vice versa. Steve Roberts's mission is to make certain that the client understands the law and that the client makes the decisions so that the case is handled in accordance with the clients wishes if at all possible under the law.

Finally, Steve Roberts makes every effort to keep you up to speed on what is happening with your case and to communicate with the client as often as is necessary to move the case forward in an effective fashion.

The firm represents a broad range of clients, from public companies with securities trading on national exchanges to private individuals, handling all types of corporate matters from public offerings, SEC compliance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate tax planning, private placements, corporate governance and business litigation, and for individuals, all types of personal injury cases, family and divorce matters, criminal defense, and wills and successions. For a more in-depth description of each practice area, visit the Areas of Practice section.

It is important to understand that Steve Roberts is licensed to practice law within the State of Louisiana only. Therefore, this web site and its contents are not intended to be solicitations for legal work or to provide legal advice to those located outside of the State of Louisiana, or who have claims or potential claims pending outside of the State of Louisiana. The rules of ethics that governs lawyers requires that lawyers be licensed to practice in every state of which they intend to practice law or dispense legal advice, etc. Thus, please be advised that Steve Roberts is licensed only within the State of Louisiana, but within the State of Louisiana is licensed to practice in all State and Federal Courts located therein. This web site does not constitute legal advice in any form, but instead provides generalized information only. Read the web site and interpret the contents at your own risk and peril.

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