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Prescription Period

In most injury cases suit must be filed within one year

In Louisiana, "prescription" is the same as "statute of limitations" in other states. Most personal injury suits must be filed before the one year anniversary of the actual accident date or the cause of action is lost. With that said, you should never wait to obtain the advice of an attorney. Some time periods to file suit may be very short in your particular case.

YOU SHOULD CONTACT AN ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY WITHIN MINUTES OR HOURS, NOT DAYS OR WEEKS. Otherwise, you may unknowingly make a statement or undertake an act that could damage your case.

Furthermore, an attorney cannot prepare a lawsuit adequately and provide quality representation to a client who comes in five days before the anniversary date of the accident and all of a sudden wants to file suit.

In order to obtain quality legal representation and insure the value of your case is preserved, you need to retain the services of an attorney immediately after an accident and not wait for any time periods to run.

Some suits can be filed even though it has been more than a year

Under some circumstances, a suit can be filed more than a year after the accident. If, in fact, you are prevented from filing your claim within a year by some act of the person who injured you, or because you simply didn't know who injured you, or if you weren't even damaged until more than a year after the act, then under some very limited circumstances you may still be able to file suit. This is a situation that would require the immediate attention of an attorney and time is of the essence.

If you have been injured, make an appointment immediately

In closing, regarding time limits for filing suits, clients must resist the temptation to simply put things off. If you have been injured, make an appointment for a free consultation.


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