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Family Law Overview

Family law is a very, very troublesome area of the law that impacts families on every level. Many, many lawyers will not handle family law cases because the clients are extremely emotional due to the issues involved, and it is almost impossible for clients to obtain outcomes that are satisfactory based on their initial expectation.

As you might imagine, when a husband and wife are at odds, and children and assets are involved, it is very difficult for one person to win without the other person losing. This places judges and lawyers in the terrible position of accepting the fact that usually when a fair decision has been made, neither the husband nor the wife are very satisfied with the outcome and both probably feel like they have lost to a certain degree.

All that said, Steve Roberts will take the time to help clients emotionally through the struggles that they must endure during the process of litigating family law issues. He can help clients make decision as to what issues they should compromise on, and what issues should be fought for.

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