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Serious Ramifications if Convicted

Of course, if you are convicted of a crime it can have serious ramifications and your criminal record can haunt you throughout your attempts to obtain employment or other certifications. Having to write down on any type of application that you have been convicted of a crime, especially a felony, can be especially problematic.

A felony conviction also impacts your constitutional rights such as the right to vote and carry a firearm.

Thus, with the help of an attorney, every effort must be made to try to obtain a result in any criminal case that would place the client ultimately in a position where there would be no record of any conviction, and even better, that there would be no record of an arrest at all and that all of those records be expunged. There are various criminal procedure statutes available that allow attorneys to work with prosecutors to try to obtain outcomes under certain circumstances that would allow for a clean record eventually, once probation and other requirements have been satisfied.

You must have an attorney in order to take advantage of all of the statutory schemes and make certain that your ability, if possible in your case, to maintain a clean record is preserved.

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