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Welcome to the web site of M. Stephen Roberts, A Professional Law Corporation. This web site is intended to provide information to existing clients, and potential clients, as to the areas of law that are practiced by Steve Roberts.

Our Commitment to the Client:

We listen to you. We are responsive, determined to be accessible to you: to listen, to consult, and to provide you with timely practical advice. We are dedicated to giving you our best thinking and effort to accomplish your goals. Our focus is always ensuring that your story is presented to the trier of fact in an effective and meaningful manner to achieve the results you deserve.

We give you good value for your investment of time and money. We understand that the money you spend on legal advice should be cost-effective and add value to your personal planning or business. That is why we explore the best options with you, and explain when we think the cost outweighs the potential results. From us, you get pragmatic, practical advice on which you can rely to make decisions.


It is important to note that Steve Roberts is licensed to practice law within the State of Louisiana only. Therefore, this web site and its contents are not intended to be solicitations for legal work or to provide legal advice to those located outside of the State of Louisiana. The rules of ethics that govern lawyers requires that lawyers be licensed to practice in every state in which they intend to practice law or dispense legal advice, etc. Thus, please understand that Steve Roberts is licensed only within the State of Louisiana and all State and Federal Courts located therein.

We Help You Make Important Decisions

Retaining a lawyer is often an extremely stressful event. Steve Roberts understands that it is often during the worst of times that the advice and services of a lawyer are required. To that end, Steve Roberts is very experienced in helping people through troubling situations and will take the time to explain your case to you, make certain that you understand the law, and then help you make decisions about what you would prefer to do with your case.

Free Initial Consultation

It is becoming harder and harder to obtain a free consultation with attorneys. Steve Roberts, however, believes that it should not cost a penny to come in and simply discuss your situation with an attorney, obtain initial feedback as to what your rights are and to find out whether or not your situation requires legal representation. To that end, there is never a charge for an initial consultation with Steve Roberts.

Areas of Practice

This web site is divided into areas of practice. To obtain more information regarding any particular legal issue that you may have, you should visit the various areas of practice on this web site and familiarize yourself with the main legal issues that you will be faced with for any given situation.

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